Always listen. Always ask questions.

We interact with the world through stories, by telling and listening, and they can help us to understand each other a little more each time.

I've been writing since I can remember, and have been interested in reading, hearing, seeing, and finding new stories since then as well. I try to always listen, and always ask questions.

I'm based in Indiana, right in the freaking middle of it, so don't ever let anyone tell you in order to write (or do *insert passion here*) you have to be from some huge and well-known place. 

I've written for newspapers, both print and digital; lifestyle websites (almost exclusively about books/pop-culture); political websites; conducted interviews with authors for a literary non-profit; published a graphic novel and several short comics; contributed a short story to the anthology Mythic Indy; and currently work as a writer for a branding/marketing and ad firm.