Re•pro•duct: Self-Applied Vol. 1

An original graphic novel published by Magnetic Press (now a part of Lion Forge), Re•pro•duct: Self-Applied is the tale of Carb, a bot navigating the same confusing journey all of us do, whether we're aware or not: of trying to become the person we want to be. His attempts are met with some familiar obstacles, and others unfamiliar. The world is shared by humans and bots, the latter of which has been granted the right to life within the United States. Who is and who isn't human? There's a whole world to discover within Re•pro•duct: Self-Applied. (Link)

Mythic Indy: thinmanlittlebird

An anthology of short stories related to the city of Indianapolis, Mythic Indy will take readers through, around, under, and above the capital of the Midwestern United States' heart. thinmanlittlebird is the tale of two sculptures in front of the Indianapolis Central Library, and the forces which aided their arrival. It is a sci-fi/fantasy exploration of the artistic impulse, and the merits of breakfast food. Maybe not so much the second one, but there is a mention or two of that particular meal. (Link)

Mythic Indy seen at the counter of an Indianapolis Half-Price Books.

Mythic Indy seen at the counter of an Indianapolis Half-Price Books.

Fearless Future Vol. 2 - Roth

A sci-fi compilation edited by Marvel editor Chris Robinson, Fearless Future was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter. My story, Roth, was illustrated by Manny Medeiros, colored by Jesse Turnbull, and lettered by David C. Hopkins.

In a future where mankind has sought out new worlds, we join a crew visiting the planets which support life, and follow them through the steps they take when such a place is located. The captain of the crew, Roth, makes a decision to alter his own life, and all who are aboard the ship traveling from planet to planet.


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Ribbon Sea

Stranded on an alien world, a defected Science Soldier seeks to escape through a dangerous path which many believed to be no more than a fable: the Ribbon Sea, the ocean in the sky. Story by Austin Willson, art by Lowell Isaac, and lettering by David Hopkins. Originally published through Challenger Comics. Read it here.