Current Favorites - Writing/Reading Podcasts, April 2018

There are now more podcasts than you will ever be able to listen to, which means there's a ton about books! And writing! And reading! And all of those combined! Here are the ones I listen to and like, and what I like about them. They're listed in the order I found them.

If you know any that are similar to these, please do let me know over here, or here, or here.

  • Bookworm - By far the most mainstream on the list, this show is hosted by Michael Silverblatt and is undoubtedly the premier podcast for contemporary authors to discuss their work. It's a rarity to hear authors who aren't pre-established as literary darlings on this one, and for that reason I listen pretty selectively. 
  • Writing Excuses - Short and to the point, and one of the more helpful podcasts about the craft of writing. It's hosted by an interesting group of successful authors, almost exclusively from the sci-fi/fantasy genre(s). I don't listen to this one regularly because, for me, it functions more as a balm or antidote for when I'm struggling.
  • Writers On Writing - Maybe the most inspirational of all five listed. The hosts ask great questions and there's a wonderful balance of life and craft. It's a little more off the beaten path of contemporary fiction and non-fiction, and you're likely to find authors you might not know. 
  • Launch - Hosted by John August, incredibly successful screenwriter, and now a published YA novelist. This is not an ongoing show, but a miniseries chronicling the writing, selling and publishing (even printing) of August's first novel. This is the most informative show when it comes to the publishing industry at large, although be warned, it is the most anomalous as far as author experience.
  • Reading Glasses - This show is the most conversational, the funniest, and the correct balance (in my opinion, obviously) of humor, swearing, book discussions, interviews, and general information about writing and reading. A fun chat about books, and the hosts are good friends with good chemistry.