Ahoy Comics - BERASTS in High Heaven #2


In October 2018 my short story BERASTS was published in the back of High Heaven #2. The comic is written by Tom Peyer, with art by Greg Scott, coloring by Andry Troy, letters by Rob Steen, with further art by Chris Giarrusso and Carol Lay - and all of that is before you even get to my story, which has an illustration by Elliott Mattice.

It’s the ol’ cliché, the much trotted out “It was a pleasure and an honor to be involved,” but that is absolutely true. I’d been dreaming of including some prose in a comic for a long time, had even tried to place some in the back of Re•pro•duct: Self-Applied when DC Hopkins and I were laying it all out. I’ve heard more than once that comic book readers don’t give a shit about prose, or that prose doesn’t add anything to a book with comic book pictures in it…

So yeah. The ol’ cliché about my pleasure and honor is in fact as true as fucking possible here. Many thanks to Hart Seely and Deron Bennett of Ahoy, special thanks to Elliott Mattice for the art alongside my words, and as always thanks to DC Hopkins, my brother and compatriot.

It feels good to get some prose alongside some comics. The flash fiction form has been consuming me dating back to a month or so before my first submission to Ahoy, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. I’ve written a pleasing amount of stories between March of last year and now. The exact number doesn’t matter, that’s the kind of shit I’d get hung up on at one point. What matters is how the stories have turned out. Makes me happy to say, more often than not, I’ve found something worthwhile inside my head and enjoyed the process of fighting it onto the page.


The story idea for BERASTS - and it’s nothing revelatory or high-concept - came to me as I was driving home from Detroit one night. My girlfriend was asleep in the seat beside me. There were blinking red lights at the peak of those massive and stark white wind turbines. Cities were shining either on or behind the horizon, all their lights killing the stars. I saw more than one water tower.

But all it took was one. I know a lot about all of these characters, and I especially know a lot about their world, a place called Constance, Indiana. I think that’s the first time I’ve written that down where anyone can see it. I hope to talk about it a lot more.

It was a quiet drive so there were a lot of chances to talk with the characters I found inside this little sheriff’s office inside Constance. I’ve talked with two of them quite a bit since then, too.