Current Favorites - Video games, March 2018

My main console for a while has been a Playstation 4, but I got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and have been playing some things on it pretty regularly. Currently my main obsessions are...

  1. Elite Dangerous (PS4) - This game, holy shit. I was really unsure about it at first. It started out on PC and thus was already daunting and heavy with the possibility of failure as a console port. And my first dive in was rough. Landing was harder than I thought. Doing everything was harder than I thought. You can find plenty of people online complaining about the grind, and others telling you to embrace it. Well I eventually embraced it, and have been completely consumed. I received my permit to visit Sol, and went to find Voyager 1. After that I ventured out to the Witch Head Nebula, sold all the data from that exploratory jaunt, bought two more ships, and am now headed to Sagittarius A. You will definitely hear more about this game on this blog. Here's just a tiny taste of the journeys I've gone on (I have taken A LOT of screenshots and videos)
  2. Butcher (Switch) - Lovingly and obviously inspired by Doom, this side-scrolling shooter is pixeled to the max, intensely fast and violent. It's got a great soundtrack of some real sludgy chiptune stuff, and the levels will drive you crazy right up until you blast your way through one. Then it'll all feel worth it.
  3. Surviving Mars (PS4) - A simulation game (sim) about building a Martian colony, with huuuuge variations in difficulty. This game suffers (at the moment of writing this) from having no tutorial, but once you get the hang of things you'll be building domes, mining rocks and water, and watching as the first Martian citizen dies and no one (not even your drones!) lifts a finger to get rid of his body. Filled with classic systems of upgradability, natural disasters and milestones (with some surprises), this is a great simulation that' Sim City in some ways. I haven't played a ton of these, but have more experience with real-time strategy games. Lots of Command & Conquer in my past. This one makes me want to play Pharaoh and Warzone 2100 again. Right now I have a pretty okay colony with something like 34 or 40 Martian citizens toiling away.