Playlists from the Front

Similar to the collection of all the quotes from the front page, this is where you'll find all of the music and playlists I've featured. I won't include the full descriptions from when I originally posted them, so if that's something you're into, better make sure you check the site regularly.

DISCLAIMER - Any playlist listed does not indicate an endorsement, by the author or authors, of anything written on my site, or opinions I hold.

  1. Void Walk - A Spotify playlist for when I play Elite Dangerous.

  2. Waiting For You | Lofi HipHop - A YouTube playlist I listen to while writing sometimes.

  3. Federale; The Blood Flowed Like Wine - An album by a band to make you feel like you're in a Western.

  4. All Them Witches; Charles William - A song by All Them Witches to weird-up your day.

  5. The Dead Brothers; Angst - An album by The Dead Brothers for enjoying in a smoky 19th century bar.

  6. Andre Dubus III; Speaking at Politics and Prose - An inspiring reading/Q&A from one of my favorite authors.

  7. John Foxx, Metamatic - An album I found thanks to Amoeba.

  8. Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, YT//ST - A band/album I found thanks to Spotify.

  9. Rambalac - Walking videos of Japan, the best out there.

  10. Rainbowdragnoeyes; The Messenger soundtrack - It's awesome and energetic.

  11. City Girl; Somnolent Nova - Calming and groovy.

  12. Ethan Hawke talks about some of his roles with GQ

  13. Chai, the song N.E.O.