Revival by Stephen King


The first Stephen King book I read in years was immediately one of my favorites, and also one of the most unsettling stories I've come across in quite a while. 

I think going into Revival with the barest of bare minimum plot knowledge is best, so here it is: the main character Jamie Morton is a little boy who meets a pastor who's interested in electricity. We follow Jamie and the pastor through their lives, and some very Stephen King-ish shit takes place.

If you open the book and see the dedications and epigraph, pretty sure you're going to see some possibilities for the story, assuming you know anything about the material related to those things. Also the title and that cover. A cursory knowledge of genre fiction will give you some hints, but King does a good job of making it all his own.

There are pacing issues here and there, but King came out on the better side of the 50/50 split his stuff usually falls into: Good ending/Bad ending. Characterization is also very King-ish, with lots of little phrases that are obviously rooted in growing up when/where he did. That never bothers me with his stuff, but it's always very visibly him. I definitely loved the characters, which made all the King-ish shit way more impactful.

The story stuck with me for a while after putting the book down. I absolutely had to decide on something upbeat and happy to read after this one (a re-read of Ringworld by Larry Niven, most likely).