The Sunday Index - 5.19.19

Castles Here and Up There

Last night I played Escape the Dark Castle. It has basically everything it could for me to fall in love right away. We played three games, won only once (maybe could have twice, but dinner was ready and we just scrapped it; I was learning on that play through anyway) and got to experience story, Dice Struggles, and both the joys and agonies of dice roll combat.

There's a pretty idealized version of tabletop gaming in my head, one that kind of floats behind the gravity warping lines of a VCR's tracking function. I remember seeing the kids in ET playing D&D and feeling immediately drawn to what they were doing, even though it would be years and years before I ever knew or understood exactly what it was. Since then, no matter how old I am, playing story-based tabletop games has seemed like an unchecked exercise of imagination.

I'm excited to read Empire of Imagination here soon, the sort of bio/history of Gygax and Dungeons & Dragons by Michael Witwer. I'm also basically just biding my time until I buy Art & Arcana, only because I'm saving money to be responsible.
-- -- -- --
Last week, it happened.
I beat Dead Cells. That takes my total number of successful defeats of the boss

It was fucking amazing. I've leveled up my health flasks to max (I think) and ended the final boss fight with zero heals left, and what amounted to maybe 1/10th of my health. It was clooooooose. Now the game deepens even further since I can play it on Hard mode, plus, I lucked into the free Rise of the Giant DLC hitting this week.

Observation also comes out, which I pre-ordered because it's basically just a huge collection of things I like.

Related: Between writing the words "it's" and "basically" up there, probably about six hours passed, and in that time I went and saw High Life. It's pretty good. One scene in particular yanked me out of the movie so hard and fast I was worried I'd not enjoy the movie as a whole, but the performances and visuals brought me back
-- -- -- --
I'm going to dive back in to studying coding, and see about learning Python and maybe Java (not both at once). I have some ideas for things I'd like to try coding, ways to incorporate writing into that, and I have Python For Kids just waiting to teach me all of the secrets of computers.
-- -- -- --
Going on a vacation next weekend, so potentially there will be no Sunday Index. Not sure yet. That vacation will include a couple bookstores and who knows what else, so chances are good I'll be writing about that at least when I get back.