The Cave and the Fire

Lit Hub sent their monthly Author Questionnaire to five authors, and Shobha Rao, who wrote Girls Burn Brighter, offered up an answer to keep in mind.

Lit Hub: How do you contend with the hubris of thinking anyone has or should have any interest in what you have to say about anything?

Shobha Rao: When you've been writing for 15 years without an iota of encouragement, all the hubris I could've ever had was obliterated. So why read anything I've written? There is no answer. Or, there is only the ancient one: we are in a cave, there is a fire, shadows flicker on the walls, a voice rises up and begins to tell a story. You don't have to listen, but why not listen? Why not have a story, spoken into the void, lead you through the dark night?