Ledger - Vol. 03

Learning = “Python and Me”

I’m learning Python. It’s difficult and fun at the same time. I wasn’t one of those people who lucked into having computers around from the time I was little. Computer code meant nothing to me for probably at least 80% of my life, both the concept and the very literal language of them.

Most important to learning computer code, for me anyway, is to stop myself from lamenting how “late” I’m coming to the skill. I know what I want to do with code, so that’s what I try to focus on. Plus the world is going further and further into code, we live in computers more and more each day. Being able to tell those computers what to do, in some fashion, seems pretty important to me.

I’m using two books to learn Python.


This isn’t the first time I’ve started studying the language, but this time seems different. I’m keeping a notebook, highlighting key terms, and doing regular studying sessions that include hands-on coding. Having no history with it, and starting from scratch not only with Python, but coding as a whole, means I’m re-reading a lot of stuff and making sure to hammer definitions into my brain.

Also, there are two video games which have helped me start forming the coding muscle (which really just means the logic behind how programming works), and they are both by Tomorrow Corporation. I played Human Resource Machine first, on my phone, and then 7 Billion Humans when it was released on Switch. Getting used to using If loops, and paying attention to what I’m telling a program exactly to do.

My dream is to make a very specific thing with Python, one I think is pretty doable. Smash cut to me either succeeding or failing.

But then flashback to all the fun and struggles and punch drunk learning sessions I had on the way to either outcome.