Images from the Front

I love collecting images that are striking and memorable. I used to do it a lot on Tumblr. One day I realized I could do the same thing, right here.

DISCLAIMER - Any image shown does not indicate an endorsement, by the creator or creators, of anything written on my site, or opinions I hold.

  1. The Demon With the Glass Hand. A still from an episode of the original Outer Limits series.
  2. From the film The Quite Earth, a New Zealand sci-fi movie I lucked into seeing on VHS one time.
  3. From CQ, by Roman Coppola, a cool movie about creativity that features some fun retro-future designs.
  4. From The Last Starfighter by Nick Castle, a movie that I like. It''s a movie I like. [SOURCE]
  5. The Nostromo, from Alien.