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"Any time spent convincing other people that you are or were important is wasted.”

-ben Bradlee, in a letter to a fan


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A TWICE NIGHT - Bend your ear to the tale of Rufine, a force from the depths of the universe.

FREE HORIZON - The Lore Program is one of the newest attempts to secure humanity's future among the stars.


RE•PRO•DUCT: Self-applied - the tale of Carb, a bot navigating the same confusing journey we all do.




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A friend sent this my way, which is one of my favorite methods for discovering new music. I now have this entire album - this entire artist - in common with someone I respect and love. He knew I’d be into this. This album, and specifically Motionless, has calmed me many times already. It’s maybe classifiable as “chill-wave”, or whatever similar genre is out there.

The Rhythm of Writing

Ethan Hawke is someone I’ve developed a deep appreciation for over the years. I encountered him in Explorers first, without knowing it was him for years (or at least without associating the name with a face), but really the performance of his that stuck was as Todd Anderson in Dead Poets Society. That movie changed my life in a few ways, all positive. His career has been interesting to watch, and I especially like his approach to art, touched on in this GQ video, and how he was inspired by director Peter Weir. I havne’t gotten a chance to watch Blaze yet, but I’ve since fallen in love with Blaze Foley’s music, after realizing it was in fact not a fictional outlaw country singer Hawke and Sybil Rosen wrote a movie around. I have his novel The Hottest State, and plan on getting Indeh, his graphic novel with Greg Ruth, as well as his novel Rules for a Knight. In this video he breaks down some of his most iconic roles, and in fact this entire series from GQ is worth any film fan’s time. Also, hey, go watch Predestination if you haven’t yet. It’s great.