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“…Writing is a personal responsibility; either you do it or you don’t.”

-syd field, from his book screenplay


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Mars calls for war! - Dio Ray bringing you Friday Night Outta’ Sight - no goofy rhyming needed.

FREE HORIZON - The Lore Program is one of the newest attempts to secure humanity's future among the stars.


A TWICE NIGHT - Bend your ear to the tale of Rufine, a force from the depths of the universe.




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After I fell in love with Double Ferrari I ended up both searching for great instrumental rock, as well as just discovering it because of Spotify and Bandcamp telling me about similar purchases/listeners. Cracked Machine is one of those bands. A great metal album with dashes of electronica, very moody and fun to listen to, despite its occasional darkness.

The Rhythm of Writing

At first I thought Chai was not going to be for me. I’m very glad I listened to more of them, because both of their albums are fucking great, a kind of pure and driving happiness. Not really even sure what I thought I’d dislike - though maybe it’s revealing I say they are “happiness” and originally I was like, “Hmmm, this doesn’t seem for me” - because it is an absolutely straight ahead power pop/rock band. The lyrics are in both Japanese and English, with thick guitar sounds usually. It’s almost like if you took the Doom Metal I enjoy, sped it up, added brighter vocals then maaaaybe took a pinch of distortion away, this would be the result. I recommend listening to both albums - Pink (2017) and PUNK (2019) - completely. This video in particular showcases what you’ll get. It’s somewhat manic, and that’s part of the appeal. Turn it up and smile.