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"Let's go get out in the street...'cause somebody's gotta'"

-Spoon, from the title track of 'they want my soul'


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A TWICE NIGHT - Bend your ear to the tale of Rufine, a force from the depths of the universe.

FREE HORIZON - The Lore Program is one of the newest attempts to secure humanity's future among the stars.


RE•PRO•DUCT: Self-applied - the tale of Carb, a bot navigating the same confusing journey we all do.




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Yet again, thanks to Amoeba's fantastic series What's In My Bag, I found an album I adored immediately. John Foxx seems to have been at the forefront of a genre I love, way back when I wasn't born yet. And it took me 34 years to find this album that sounds so much like newer stuff I love. Very cool to find out the newer stuff actually sounds like this.

The Rhythm of Writing

I'm a massive fan of Politics and Prose, and visit whenever I'm in the area. They have a fantastic selection available, and you maybe heard about the store when President Barack Obama visited. I had the pleasure of listening to Los Brothers Hernandez speak and answer questions there, as well as sign books. The store regularly hosts a huge range of amazing literary talent, including the above guest, Andre Dubus III. I re-watch this video regularly because Dubus represents a writer I'd love to emulate, regarding career trajectory (with or without the Oprah pick - but also, let's not kid ourselves, that would rule). He reads, offers advice, and is very straightforward about the job of writing.