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"And it’s just your luck to stumble on this bus stop raconteur…”

-From the song 'West Texas winds', by Dylan Hicks


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A TWICE NIGHT - Bend your ear to the tale of Rufine, a force from the depths of the universe.

FREE HORIZON - The Lore Program is one of the newest attempts to secure humanity's future among the stars.


RE•PRO•DUCT: Self-applied - the tale of Carb, a bot navigating the same confusing journey we all do.




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Recently Sabotage Games and Devolver put out The Messenger, a glorious side-scroller that shows its love of Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, and Metroid. It also shows contemporary game design is taking what we had and making it new and outstanding in its own right. The soundtrack by Rainbowdragoneyes proves we're all getting to experience something great and memorable. Give it a listen!

The Rhythm of Writing

There's a scene in Lost In Translation that stuck with me - more than one, actually - and I'd revisit it on the DVD, or even on Youtube. There are several shots of arcades, but the one where Scarlett Johansson is alone has so much fantastic footage of the games and the people playing them. The soundtrack is perfect in that scene, all the games jangling and ringing, or even singing to you. It made me want more of Japan. After a lot of failed searches, I found Rambalac. This was the perfect account, and I dove in to the back catalogue, the Yanaka at night being one of my favorites. There are videos for every mood you have. I recommend just popping one on in the background while you read, or relax. It's a great way to get a peek at a city which may be far away, something all of us can use, in my opinion. Rambalac has a Patreon, head over there if you'd like to give some money toward the production of these great videos.